TIMARA Studio Complex

    In the TIMARA Studio Complex you will find every resource you need to thoroughly ground yourself in the burgeoning field of music technology. Whether you have a passion for studio recording, analog synths, immersive multichannel sound design, or working with interactive media, our studios provide the tools and the space you need to experiment and grow as a student and artist. With so many incredible resources housed in a single complex, we think the TIMARA Studios have always been one of the best places to study music technology...and now they are even better. Our newly renovated studios now include a maker space, gallery, equipment depot, and a lobby computer cafe. Our wonderful creative community is what makes TIMARA really shine. Our faculty studios surround the lobby, providing students with easy access and frequent contact with all of the TIMARA faculty.

Control Room and Recording Studio

    The Assistant Director of Recording Services at Oberlin Conservatory teaches our perennially popular 'Introduction to Recording Techniques' course in TIMARA's Control Room and Recording Studio. The Control Room is outfitted with a Mac Pro cylinder, state-of-the-art Grace Preamps, a hearback system, a stereo pair of Oceanway H4 monitors, a DynAudio BM5A 5.1 monitoring station, and Avid's ICON board. Students frequently use the space for their own creative work or to record fellow student groups. The recording studio often plays double duty as a space where visiting artists share their work with our majors.

Multichannel Diffusion Studio

    In the Multichannel Diffusion Studio, students learn diffusion techniques for live, fixed media, and generative contexts. Outfitted with a collection of DynAudio BM5A Monitors, the space currently accommodates diffusion of up to eight discrete channels, with updates to support additional channels planned for summer 2018. Over Winter Term 2018, two dedicated TIMARA majors used the multichannel diffusion studio to help Oberlin's Contemporary Music Ensemble in reviving Jonathan Harvey's 'Bird Concerto with PianoSong' for the Spring 2018 concert season.

Analog Synth Studio

    The Analog Synth Studio boasts one of the best collections of functional, wonderfully maintained vintage synths you will find in a college setting. Highlights include a Buchla 200 series modular synth, a Buchla music easel, an ARP 2600, a Putney VCS3, and a Pittsburgh Modular Cell[90] Foundation system, among others. Our majors begin their degree studies in this room, learning the history and fundamentals of music technology. Access to this rare collection provides the unique opportunity to learn music technology through the instruments that shaped the industry.

Media Production Studio

    In the Media Production Studio, students develop independent projects in audio, film, and interactive installation. The studio is designed with the demands of video editing in mind, and includes a Mac Pro cylinder, Drobo, iConnect, two displays and Dynaudio monitors. Software resources include Adobe, Max/MSP/Jitter, etc. Over Winter Term 2018 a TIMARA major use the Media Production Studio to develop all of the supporting video materials for Oberlin's premiere of Du Yun's 'Angel's Bone'.

Maker Space

    The maker space provides students with the tools and space they need to learn about electronics and interactive media, to tinker, and to build whatever they can imagine. Courses taught in the maker space touch on themes ranging from sound installations, to new interfaces for musical expression, to human cyborgs. The maker space is one of our newest spaces, and many exciting new updates are planned for summer 2018.

TIMARA Gallery

    The TIMARA Gallery is a big, blank, empty space. It is available to students for recitals, to document projects, build installations, rehearse, test an idea, practice a setup, and so much more. The Gallery is one of our newest spaces, and in just a year it has hosted everything from a pizza party to junior and senior recitals, to David Tudor's Rainforest IV.

The Equipment Depot

    In TIMARA's Equipment Depot, you will find all the gear you will ever need. We have workhorse items that are checked out all the time: microphones, speakers, cables, interfaces, mixers, MIDI controllers, field recorders, projectors, and cameras. We also have specialty items that are often 'rediscovered' by students working on a class or personal project: vintage synths, an Oculus Rift, video game consoles, black lights, and more.


    TIMARA's computer cafe is a resource for the entire Oberlin community. You won't find food down here (unless you bring your own), but you can swing by to hang out, listen to some vinyl, peruse our library, or make use of the plethora of audio- and video-editing software that we stock on our lobby machines. Or, just stop by to get away from the rain and snuggle one of our studio dogs.