April 26, 2018
composer music recording
John Luther Adams Everything That Rises Cold Blue Music
If, Bwana Lisa Fluteless Pogus
April 19, 2018
composer music recording
If, Bwana 8 Notes, 16 Speakers, X Players Pogus
Enzo Minarelli Kandinsky Pogus
Enzo Minarelli Con Sonante Pogus
Enzo Minarelli Correspondance pour Le Corbusier Pogus
Otto Sidharta Ngendau Sub Rosa
Otto Sidharta Gamelan Sub Rosa
Todor Todoroff Obsession Noroit 1991
April 5, 2018
composer music recording
Mark Applebaum Skeletons in the Closet Innova
William Dougherty Intersections SEAMUS
Ron Nagorcka Atom Bomb Pogus
Ron Nagorcka Just Bluffing for Quamby Pogus
Ron Nagorcka Modulations Pogus
Marta Sainz & If, Bwana Sable 2 Pogus

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