October 30, 2000 (featuring music for Flute+)
composer music recording
Bret Battey Pater Noster's Tricyclic Companion composer
Rainer Bürck Flautando composer
Eric Chasalow Over the Edge SEAMUS 4
James Harley Per Foramen Acus Transire unreleased
Eric Lyon Fanfare for Gordon Mumma unreleased
Matthew Malsky The Well of Fancy Dry unreleased
Charles Norman Mason Fishing through the Open Door unreleased
Thea Musgrave Narcissus Neuma
Alain Michel Riou Au Bord de l'Infini unreleased
Judith Shatin Kairos unreleased

October 23, 2000
composer music recording
Tiziano Bedetti Due Preludi per la mano sinistra Phoenix
Robin Cox If Dogs Only Knew composer
Paul Dolden L'Ivresse de la Vitesse empreintes DIGITALes 9917/18
Paul Dolden Veils empreintes DIGITALes 9917/18
Pauline Oliveros Why Don't You Write a Short Piece? unreleased
Charlemagne Palestine Schlingen-Blängen New World Records

October 9, 2000
composer music recording
Bill Alves Redundant I Electronic Music Foundation
Kari Besharse Something Buried unreleased
James Bohn Study #2 Manifold #4 composer
Evan Chambers Lament unreleased
Daniel Koppelman digitalisman unreleased
Daniel Koppelman rorondondo unreleased
Joseph Koykkar Joseph Koykkar unreleased
Matt Levy Blues for Mae Innova 515
Doug Michae Extensions #2 for Tape Angular Momentum
Doug Michae Extensions #3 for Tape Angular Momentum
Jeff Myers Five Parametric Etudes unreleased
Giuseppe Rapisarda W(h)ere voices? composer
Giuseppe Rapisarda Ex tubae corpore composer
Tim Ries Hart's Beat Innova 515
Bart Woodstrup Lalita (morning) composer
Bart Woodstrup Todi (noon) composer

October 2, 2000
composer music recording
Bülent & Daria Semegen Out of Into New World Records
David Barnes Panic in Legoland Innova 115
Paul Koonce Walkabout Innova 115
Rasmus B. Lunding Det NØdvendige (The Necessity) [Koda] Innova 115
Ilhan Mimaroglu Prelude No. 8 (To the Memory of Edgard Varèse) New World Records
Shawn Pinchbeck & Marion Garver Temporal Reality Resonate
André Ruschkowski Les Pas Interieurs Innova 115
Daria Semegen Electronic Composition No. 1 New World Records
Alice Shields Dance Piece No. 3 New World Records
Alice Shields Study for Voice and Tape New World Records
Paul Steenhuisen Bread unreleased
Paul Steenhuisen Circumnavigating the Sea of Shit unreleased
Paul Steenhuisen Wonder unreleased
Hans Tutschku Extrémités Lointaines empreintes DIGITALes 9947
Hans Tutschku Sieben Stufen empreintes DIGITALes 9947

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