Please note that this is a work in progress. Contact us if you have information about alumni activities, or if you want to send news about your own work.

Graduates of TIMARA have been successful in graduate study at schools such as Stanford, Eastman, Princeton, Northwestern, MIT, California Institute for the Arts and the universities of Michigan, Illinois, and Southern California. Some of our graduates continue to pursue careers as academics, often directing some of the nation's leading electronic studios.

Graduates who have chosen a direct path into professional life are working in commercial, theatrical, and new music circles in New York and elsewhere. Fields include freelance artist and composer; web design; studio owner and/or director; and software and hardware engineering; and new media entrepreneur.

Christina Agamanolis ('97) co-founder of Sirens, a Los Angeles-based film scoring and media company.
César Alvarez Recent recipiant of a Van Lier Fellowship from Meet the Composer
David Amlen ('83) founder-owner of Sound on Sound recording studio, NYC
Chris Anderson ('96) at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center in NYC where she managed the studios from 1997-2000 and currently works as Technical Operations Manager. She is also Co-Webmaster for Experimental Intermedia's developing website.
Matthew Anderson ('93) Software developer in Seattle. Home Page
Michael Angell ('86) professor of music, University of Alabama at Birmington
Cory Arcangel works at HarvestWorks in NYC. Have a look at Beige Records. Cory is getting some big time attention for recent work at the Whitney in NYC.
Kevin Baird ('93) Phd student at SUNY Buffalo. Kevin's page
Katherine Baker Katherine was not a TIMARA major but made an impact on the department through her singing and piano playing. Jeremy Bieger and Jeremy Dalnes produced her album, Vertigo. She continues to battle evil in NYC at Katy Vs. Evil.
David Baron ('90) founder-owner Edison Music Corporation and partner in the Edison Studios
Bret Battey ('89) Senior Lecturer at the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
David Battino ('87) Founding editor, Music & Computers and O'Reilly Digital Audio; co-
author, The Art of Digital Music; principal, Batmosphere.
Meade Bernard
Jeremy Bieger ('98) Graduate of Columbia Business School.  Working at Amex as an Interactive Marketing Manager.  Continues writing music and performing. Home page.
Peter Blasser (02) Creates wondrous electronic instruments at Ciat-Lonbarde and Shbobo
Joseph Bonn also at Beige Records
Evan Brubaker ('92) Producer/ Engineer at Forgiveness, Seattle, WA.
Clay Chaplin ('95) Assistant to Morton Subotnick for a year working with his new media opera "Intimate Immensity". Graduated with an MFA from Cal Arts. Remained there from 1998-2002 as an associate professor of composition teaching sound design, recording, and interactive video, plus one year as the Technical Director for the School of Music. Composer in residence at CCM, Mills College.
Timothy Chen ('92) freelance session guitarist in Los Angeles specializing in rock and electronic scoundscape guitar, recently playing on the East West Players Musical Production "Beijing Spring," a musical about the Tiananmen Massacre of 1989 . Worked extensively with producer David Tickle (producer for 4 non-blondes, blondie, u2, divinyls, split enz, among many other one-hit wonders), and producer Rick Hahn (producer for Celine Dion and Air Supply). Holds a dayjob as program manager for Midiman Products. Also staff transcriber for Hal Leonard Publications. NAMM 2002 (second picture second column.)
Alan Cheslow ('91) working at IBM Interactive Media as Webmaster for their HomePage Creator service. Has also started the Data Commerce Corporation that provides electronic commerce and web development services.
Ted Chapman ('94) senior Web Applications Specialist at Sybase, designing globally distributed web applications for database connectivity. Formerly the producer/engineer of Spanq!, the Internet's first high-production daily real-audio comedy program.
Paul Davis another Beige Records guy.
Anne Deane assistant reasearcher for CREATE; Lecturer for the Media Arts and Technology Program at UCSB; Associate Director of the Digital Media Innovation Program at UCSB; Faculty Member of Walden School. Composition faculty at Iowa State University.
Shawn Decker ('81) professor in the Art and Technology Department at the Art Institute of Chicago
Jeremy Dalnes Director of Marketing for HomeClick and guitarist/electric cellist of the NYC band Katy Vs. Evil
Peter Flint ('92) composer/sound designer/audio engineer working in new music, theater, video, and television in NYC. Toured with Philip Glass for "Einstein on the Beach". Has worked with another TIMARA alumni, Dave Baron at Baron & Baron Productions Recent work with the Avian Orchestra. . Home page.
Howard Fredrics ('84) Back from an extended stay in London. Currently operating Auracle Music, a music production company in New Jersey.
Dan Forden ('85) has composed music and sound effects for many Williams Electronics games, including Mortal Kombat. Dan's Temple
Kyle Gann ('77) music reviewer for the Village Voice. NEA Composer's Fellowship recipient for 1996-97. Author of "The Music of Conlon Nancarrow" (Cambridge University Press, 1995) and "American Music in the 20th Century" (Schirmer, 1997). Home Page
David Grey network manager/webmaster/systems administrator for Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. Has also worked for Florida State University graduate conservatory of Motion Picture, Television and Recording Arts
Richard Gustafson ('95) left position as Director of Technology at Software at CDNOW, Japan.  Currently serving as CEO of in Tokyo, Japan, specializing in e-everything.
Charles Harbutt ('83) recording engineer, Sony Classical Records, NYC. Nominated for Grammy for best classical recording (Juilliard String Quartet), Grammy nomination in 1997, Grammy winner in 2001
Greg Hendershott ('86) founder-owner of Twelve Tone Systems, manufacturers of CakeWalk, the leading sequencer program in the IBM PC market
Reed Hayes ('90) Founder, along with partner Phil Garrod, of the company OSI Music, in NYC. Prolific creator of TV themes and such.
Mic Holwin('84) Mic and Aaron are Lost in Brooklyn doing web work and producing music.
Eric Huffman ('85) Eric Huffman (’85) – Founder of Synk Audio, providing adaptive music products and services to the pro and consumer video and audio markets. Music and sound design credits include Midway's "Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance", Virtual World's "BattleTech" and "Red Planet", and four Jeff Citations for music with Chicago's Lookingglass Theatre. Technology positions include Software Architect and Project Lead at iManage (Interwoven), Project Technical Director and Director of Audio at FASA Interactive and Virtual World (Microsoft). Author of Megalomania, a MAX-like program that predates MAX.
Kamran Ince ('82) Professor of Composition at the University of Memphis in addition to being co-director of MIAM (Center for Advanced Research in Music) and its Advanced Studies in Music program at the Istanbul Technical University List of Works. Home Page.
Greg Hale Jones Greg has been working in LosAngeles doing music for films and video. He won two Emmy's, a Clio and several MTV awards. His web page. Sadly, Greg passed away in August 2004.
Joe Kidder ('82) programmer for Bay Networks Company
Sofia Klatzker ('96) educator and program coordinator at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art since 1999. Former co-founder of shortLeash Production in San Francisco, an arts media publishing company featuring Oberlin alumni in it's premiere Layers Magazine.
Michael Klingbeil ('96) Currently doing doctoral work at Columbia University after finishing a masters at the University of Illinois. His web page.
Eric Kuehnl Graduated from CalArts in 99. Working as a sound designer and re-recording mixer for film in the Bay Area. Also doing studio consulting for Cutting Edge Audio and Video Group. Executive director of a fledgling non-profit called the Digital Arts Coalition. His web page.
Christopher Langmead ('93) completed a Master's in Computer Music at Dartmouth. Working toward a Phd in computer science.
Cathryn Lai ('00) MM Degree, Piano Performance, University of Houston, 2002. 
MBA Degree, Strategic Management, DePaul University, 2005.  Currently work in Product Development at Shure Inc., Chicago, IL
Eric LeCain ('87) synclavier technician for Leonard Bernstein until Bernstein's death
Dan Long ('94) composer for Dance Theater Workshop, NYC
Tom Lopez ('87) fulbright scholar in musical composition, France. Programming assistant for Morton Subotnick. Doctoral candidate at The Univ. of Texas, Austin. Assistant Professor in TIMARA.
Sam Magrill ('75) professor of music, Central State University, Oklahoma
Michael Manion ('77) composer, Cologne. Personal Page. Board of Directors of GIMIK, Initiative Musik Informatik Koeln. Member of the Feedback Studio Verlag, Compositions Published by Feedback Studio Verlag (U.S. dist. Frog Peak), Former "Musik Graphiker", Stockhausen Verlag
Frankie Mann ('76) composer and software engineer in New York.
Lee Mars ('90) multimedia specialist, Beechwood Studios, Cleveland, Ohio
Matt Mascolo ('96) Musician, Sound Engineer, and Web Designer in the Boston area. Founder of the DreamChamber
Lance Massey ('83) Creative Directory, NeuroPop - a company exploring the application of psychophysics to music and audio production. Previously worked as a jingle writer and sound designer for national campaigns - 1 Gold CLIO, 1 Silver Mercury, and many CLIO nominations over the years for composition and sound design.
William Matthews('72) professor of music, Bates College, Maine
Sean McFaul Working in NYC at
Ian McGrath ('92) Manager, Data Analysis & Design for Barnes &, NYC. Happily  married as of 4/10/99 and living in Brooklyn. Daughter Coco born January 4,2001; Son Washington Andrew due 7/28/2004. His home page
Elbert McLaughlin ('95) Founder of Nirvanahq. Partner in People Like Us, Montreal and Buenos Aires. Home Page.
Mike Metlay ('83) assistant Editor of RECORDING Magazine and owner of the Atomic City recording label.
Ingrid Montealegre studying computer graphics and data visualization in the graduate school at New York University. Her web page includes some interesting graphics with java.
Geoff Moore ('75) programmer for OSC, Inc., developers of DECK and Metro for the Macintosh
Patrick Murphy ('81) founder/president Pangolin Laser Software; board member, International Laser Display Association (ILDA). Pangolin's Lasershow Designer software is used by major laser show companies and at sites such as Walt Disney World, Sea World and the Hayden Planetarium (NYC)
Sarah Nelson ('94) Now working in Seattle as a multimedia/interactive artist at popMultiMedia in Seattle. Sites she has designed: Seattle Opera Arts resource Network, New York City Opera. Indianapolis Symphony. See her personal art work at
Christian Oates Christian lives in a Brooklyn basement.
Bob Ostertag musician based in San Fransisco with an extensive discography. Home page
Matthew Ostrowski ('83) A New York City native, Matthew Ostrowski is a composer, performer, and installation artist working primarily with electronics and sound. He studied music at the Oberlin Conservatory in Ohio, and the Institute of Sonology in The Hague. Matt's Page
Alexander Overington
Alan Peters ('79) associate professor of Electrical Engineering at the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering working in vision and sensing for robots. Home page
Robert Poor ('77) currently a Ph.D. candidate at MIT Media Lab. Robert previously worked for Opcode, NeXT, film maker George Lucas, and John Chowning at Stanford's CCRMA. His home
John Puterbaugh ('91) Co-founder of Nellymoser, Inc. Nellymoser provides speech and audio technology for Xbox, PS2, FlashMX, and ICs for toys and mobile phones. M.A. in Electro-Acoustic Music from Dartmouth, Ph.D. from Princeton University on timbre .. His page
James Rippie ('89) A veteran of several computer technology and music software companies including Coda (now MakeMusic), Cakewalk, and Be.  Currently in Boston doing software licensing of embedded audio DSP and music synthesis technology for mobile devices and consumer electronic gear for specialized audio companies like Wave Arts. Serves on the Steering Comittee for the Interactive Audio Special Interest Group , and handles technical program managment for mobile device standards development with IEEE-ISTO and the MIPI Alliance.
Christopher Rouse ('71) teaches composition at the Eastman Schoolof Music. Received the Pulitzer Prize in Music 1993. Home page
Andy Russ ('92) Double degree in TIMARA and Dance.  Freelance composer/sound designer and Artistic Coordinator for the Silk Road Project.
Eoin Russell successful NYC jingle writer and still serious composer. His accounts include Madonalds, Compaq, Porsche, Wendys and Hebrew National. Hear his music at
Arlene Sierra ('9) Oberlin Double Degree in Timara and East Asian Studies, M Mus (Yale) and D.M.A. (Michigan) in Composition. Composer in Residence at Cambridge University and Lecturer in Composition at Cardiff University School of Music, UK. Her page
Lee Spector ('84) MAX innovator and professor of computer science, Hampshire College
Gabriel Stewart
Clark Stiefel ('88) on the faculty of Folkwang-Hochschule fûr Musik, Theater und Tanz. An active composer for modern dance having worked with Meredith Monk, Pina Bausch, Reinhild Hoffman and Susanne Linke. Won first prize in 1995 Madrid Choreography and New Music Competition for "Para M".
John Strawn ('73) writer and engineer, consultant on digital audio and music. Assistant editor of the Computer Music Journal. Founder of S Systems, Inc.
Eric Suquet ('00) Freelance motion graphics designer, video editor and producer.
Peter Swendsen Faculty at Oberlin Conservatory TIMARA Department. Graduate degree from Mills College Center for Contemporary Music. Ph.D. from University of Virginia in Composition and Computer Technologies.
Asha Tamirisa
Steve Tjaden owner, Active Sound Recording, NYC
Peter Todd ('85) Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin. Editor of "Music and Connectionism," MIT Press
Eric Valinsky ('73) works for PLAINWRAP SOLUTIONS, an Internet services company in Santa Barbara.
Eric Vidal ('99) A newly-formed production company called "Academy Leader / Tears in Rain"
James Wolcott ('98) pursuing work in scoring for television, film, and video. Collaborating with guitarist and visual artist Jason Merritt on installation art pieces.
Paul Zinman ('84) recording engineer and record producer, SoundByte Productions in New York City. His page